An intimate experience taught by a genuine instructor who is committed to each individuals unique journey as a healer.


At the Toronto School of Thai Massage, we turn students into healers and teach them how to positively impact the world using the art of Thai massage. We also provide various treatments that bring you into the state where healing is experienced. We believe that Thai massage isn’t just about technique—it’s an energetic conversation with every person we touch.


We enhance the well-being of people in the Toronto community by teaching the healing power of Thai massage and providing therapeutic treatments.


We believe in living our lives with Metta—which can be translated into “loving kindness.” Practicing Thai bodywork, sometimes called "compassion in action," can help us better understand this ideal. Our practice is guided by Buddhist ethics, meaning that we are able to change each other's lives through understanding, kindness and meditation. We believe that studying Thai massage is a challenging process that requires a commitment of time, energy and dedication. Learning the art of Thai massage will put you in a position to transform those you touch, both in the community, and wherever your journeys take you. For more information, see why our workshops and treatments are unique.


Our instructors are devoted to helping you learn Thai healing, and thus are passionate about transforming the world.


Jaci Daly Fraser, Ph.D., RTT, RNHP

TSTM Director and Instructor

Licensed Holistic Practitioner, Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist, Registered Thai Therapist Instructor

Jaci Daly Fraser founded the Toronto School of Thai Massage (TSTM) because she strongly believes that within each person we all carry the power to heal. As a massage therapist, teacher, and psychologist, she sees her role as a facilitator for healing and learning, rather than simply a healer or teacher.

Jaci developed her passion for Nuad Boran (Ancient Massage of Thailand) while studying in Thailand. There, she created a strong foundation for her work as a holistic practitioner. She has learned from instructors such as Pichest, Chris Ray, Thierry Bienfaisant, Tom Meyers, Chrisi Siems and many more.

“My most valuable teachers are my students and clients, who never fail to add something to my ongoing knowledge. Whether I am teaching or practicing this amazing art, I find these to be the most joyful moments of each day.”

Sushil Bataju

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Sushil is an advanced Thai Instructor and healer from Nepal. He began studying in 1997 in Kathmandu, while working at the Fulbury Resort and then at the Shangri-La Hotel. In 2003 he began teaching in hotel spas after earning diplomas in Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, Thai foot massage, Reiki, and has also mastered the art of Singing Bowl Therapy. Through his career he has studied with many masters and many teachers such as Mahindra Rai from Thailand, Dr. Bikash, Guru Gaan Deepak and Dr. Sabin from India.

Sushil now works as practitioner and Instructor at TSTM. Available in Toronto and Brampton locations.


Sandhya Uduwawala

Instructor – Meditation, Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Reflexology Practitioner (Hand and foot)


Sandhya started her career in health and wellness after realizing that day-to-day stresses can impact one’s physical and mental well-being. She graduated from the Ontario College of Reflexology as a certified foot reflexology practitioner in 2005 and a certified hand reflexology practitioner in 2006. After becoming a devoted holistic healer, she recognized that meditation is the psychological approach to attaining the profound connection between mind and body.

Sandhya practices and teaches insight meditation and mindfulness stress reduction techniques. She also educates students about guided imagery, which has roots in the Theravada tradition, the earliest teachings of the Buddha. She believes it’s a great blessing to teach these practices to those who wish to bring people together through compassion, harmony and peace.