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Toronto School of Thai Massage Floor Mat: $449 SALE: $335

These floor mats are comfortable, portable and durable — with a guarantee that they will last for 10 years. Unlike other mats, TSTM’s mats are water-resistant and easy to clean, only requiring an anti-bacterial cleanser. The mat comes with two carrying straps and folds up for easy transportation.


Available in: Purple, teal and blue

Size: 84"L x 60"W x 1.7"H

Weight: 12 lbs.

Material: Environmentally friendly, high-density soy foam.

Multipurpose: standing screen, folded seating during meditation, extra store away bed for guests.

Rated best mat for price and convenience.


Thai Herbal Compress: $15/Pair

These Steamed herbal compresses are hand made and imported directly from Thailand.

Applied to the body the heat, pressure and aroma deeply penetrate to promote muscle relaxation.


TSTM Thai Foot Massage Stick: $10

Our Thai foot massage sticks have a thin and thick end so that you can adjust pressure for reflex points, giving your client the most healing and relaxing massage. The smooth and ridged sides also allow several different techniques to be performed.


Imported from Thailand.

Made from Teak wood.